Saturday, 26 May 2018

Zabel Condenser Microphone

Zabel Condenser Microphone

Item Info and Care

Single Face gold plated Large Diaphragm sound head. Heart shape point sound head. Low clamor ,high affectability radio that can tolerate high stable weight. Low electromagnetic coupling impedance, guarantees low commotion. Low yield impedance,ensures the mic can get sounds precisely without being influenced by electro-attractive interferance Wide recurrence reaction, low bending High powerful range

Zabel Condenser Microphone with Shock Mount and Pop Filter - BlackSpecifications:

Highlight     Frequency response:20HZ-20kHZ Sensitivity:- 35dB±2dB(0dB=1v/Pa at 1KHz)

Highlight     Output impedance:100±30%?at 1KHZ) Load impedance:?1000

Highlight     Equivalent clamor level:?20dBA(IEC 581-5) Amplification level:130dB(THD?

1.0%at 1KHZ?

Low recurrence attenuation?100HZ 10dB Voltage     48V apparition control

Highlight     Unit size:53×148mm Weight :500g

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