Friday, 22 June 2018

All In One Social Science - Class 10


Across the board Social Science - Class 10

Across the board arrangement of study cum reading material for Class sixth to twelfth CBSE offers an unmistakable, Chapterwise Explanation, direction and an abundance of Exercises for school exams. Following NCERT syllabus in an intelligent and congenial way, it goes for helping understudies to remain concentrated on learning. 2018-19 version of Social Science for Class tenth is finished investigation, practice and evaluation control with basic online help to help those getting ready for CBSE exams. Isolated into 4 Sections to be specific, HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, POLITICAL SCIENCE and ECONOMICS, and each segment additionally separated into 8, 6, 7 and 5 parts individually, the book covers entire syllabus and encourages simple learning through Detailed NCERT Theory in Easy to Understand Language, Maps, Picture and Timelines.

Online Support involving Colored Maps, Mind Maps for Each Chapter has additionally been incorporated.

Through inquiries from NCERT, Previous Years' CBSE Examinations', HOTS, 5 Sample Question Papers and Latest CBSE Sample Paper the book plans understudies to alleviate exam stress and face the exam all the more unquestionably.

HISTORY: The Rise of Nationalism in Europe, The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China, Nationalism in India, The Making of Global World, and so forth. Geology: Resources and Development, Water Resources, Agriculture, Minerals and Energy Resources, and so forth. POLITICAL SCIENCE: Power Sharing, Federalism, Democracy and Diversity, Gender, Religion and Caste, and so on. Financial aspects: Development, Sectors of the Indian Economy, Money and Credit, Globalization and the Indian Economy, and so forth.

Creator Madhumita Patra

Release 2018-19

Languag English

Restricting Paperback

No of Pages 550

Sociology is an extremely fascinating subject (kucch logon ko ye exhausting lagta hai;- p). It is the wide subject with different realities and facts .it encourages us to realize what occurred in the history when we were not on this planet, this one of a kind subject sees the entire earth to get information about physical and political viewpoints

Along these lines, you should read this subject with profound intrigue.

It gives all the clarification and direction expected to think about effectively and prevail in the exam.

To make the understudies totally prepared for the examination, it has definite hypothesis and Practice Questions in every one of the parts.

Exam Practice It contains inquiries in examination organize i.e. MCQs(imark), VSA (1 stamp), SA (2/3 Marks), LA (5 Marks), VBQ and PBQ (1 and 2 Marks) with their point by point Answers.

Point Exercise For appraisal of Topical Understanding, eachTopic of the part has Topic Exercise.

For Complete Practice and Assessment of the entire Chapter, there is a decent number of Unsolved Questions for Individual points and for the section overall.