Saturday, 30 June 2018

Dell MS111 Optical USB Mouse

Dell MS111 Optical USB Mouse

    1 x Type A USB Cable

    1 X Wheel

    Compatible Model: Add a new level of comfort and control to your computing experience with the 3-Button Wired Mouse from Dell

    Ease-of-use and better reliability are assured because there are no moving parts to wear out or collect dirt and dust. Featuring 3 buttons, this mouse is ideal for Internet enthusiasts and gamers looking for programability in mice buttons and fast, accurate response

    Compatible Partno's: MS111/ 93H7Y

For a superior computing and gaming experience, check out the Dell MS111 wired optical mouse. Designed for optimal comfort, this mouse makes sure your palm has adequate support when you are using it. The Dell MS111 USB optical mouse uses features three buttons as well as a scrolling wheel for ease of use. Moreover, the dell wired optical mouse can be connected via a USB which is very dependable and gives you the kind of accuracy you desire without making you compromise on comfort. So, if you're looking for a good mouse to go along with your PC or Laptop, look no further than the Dell wired mouse.

    Brand: Dell

    USB Mouse

    Optical engine

    Wired connection

    Comfortable Handling

    1000 DPI for precision pointing

    Buttons: 3

Optical Technology with Faster and Accurate Response

    Designed to Maximize Comfort and Productivity

    2 Easy to Use Buttons with Scroll Wheel

    USB v2.0 Interface

    Scrolling wheel included

    Orientation: Right and Left-Handed

    Compatible With Most Systems

    No Drivers Required

Dell is a famous name among the top competitors in computers and electronic gadgets and at the global level. Dell computer products adorn the desks of the highest level of corporate offices, thanks to their sleek and elegant design yet ergonomic and on-point utility. Dell Mouse products come at very affordable prices for basic use as well as at higher prices for specific high-end functions. The said prices are listed below in proper order as updated on 30th June 2018. They have the three button traditional optical mouse devices as well as top-notch wireless devices which are considered to be the very best in the world. The most developed ones had mouse wheels that can scroll up, down and on both sides to navigate through the tiles of the newer Windows versions. These devices are simply
plug-in and go kind and need no additional software for installation. Thus, even though all the 22 Dell mouse products are more or less compatible with all sorts of operating systems, with these subtle, nuanced specifications, Dell keeps themselves one step ahead of the rest.