ooze Note Counting /Currency Counting Machine Note Counting Machine

overflow Note Counting/Currency Counting Machine Note Counting Machine

Programmed distinguishing UV and MG while checking Suitable for generally monetary forms

Programmed begin and stop Batch, including and self examination capacities

Show Type : LED

Programmed half note identification Voltage: 110V, 50~60Hz

Identification Technology:Magnetic Sensor, UV Sensor, Watermark Sensor

Programmed identification by bright recognition

Programmed identification by attractive recognition

Programmed capacities: begin, stop and reset

Tallying Speed: 1000 notes/minute

Show compose: LED 8-8 portion show and separate expansion show

Utilizations of the BPS C4 are differing, since the framework is intended for a broad scope of substrates: paper and polymer and in addition crisply printed, intensely dirty or harmed stores. It can be utilized all around the globe handling banknotes and tickets in clubhouse.

It is secluded and versatile and can along these lines be impeccably adjusted to suit any preparing necessity. The 3 stackers in every huge conveyance module (LDM) can hold up to 500 banknotes. This offers an incredible preferred standpoint for filling ATM tapes and gathering and arranging sections in high volumes.

Only one pass and normally just a single administrator is required for each arranging methodology. Up to 20 stackers with variable setups permit an assortment of preparing errands at a speed of up to twelve banknotes for every second (up to 43,000 banknotes for each hour).

Its activity is creative, keen and natural; a touch screen underpins the administrator consistently and in each circumstance.

From delicate tally to confine activities, each dollar matters and should be augmented to its potential. This white paper fills in as a playbook to expand productivity and security and lessen money dealing with blunders.

Checking Speed - >1000pcs/min.It tallies all old and new section of INR-Rs.10, 20, 50,100,200, 500 and 2000 and distinguishing fake/counterfeit notes too. Can Also Be Used For USD, Euro, and so forth.

Programmed Start, stop and clearing. With grouping, including and self examination work

Programmed half note, twofold note and phony note identification. Container Capacity - 300pcs and Stacker Capacity - 200pcs

In the event that the heap of notes isn't appropriately masterminded in stacker at that point there is a plausibility that note can get stuck" and "pls take after client manual guidelines painstakingly''.

Being the most recent age of cash counter, this model is the vanguard of our development in note checking innovation. Its minimized and snazzy outline is as astounding as its coordinated hardware and multi-work abilities. machine distinguishes counterfeit/fake note. The best piece of this machine is that It tallies all old and new category of INR-Rs.10, 20, 50,100,200, 500 and 2000 and identifying fake/counterfeit notes also. Can Also Be Used For USD, Euro, and so forth.

USD and EURO Detection alongside INR •MG Detection, UV Detection, IR Detection

•Works with new money issued by RBI •Continuous laboring for 2 hours

•Display Color Change for Error and has Automatic Currency Feeding Function

•Automatic Counting, Preset Counting, Automatic Self Checking

•Half Notes Detection, Double Currency Detection, Counterfeit Alarm Prevent Clamp

•Counting speed is 900 notes/min.


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