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Physics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced) Mechanics I


Physics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced) Mechanics I

Material science for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Mechanics I, a Cengage Learning Exam Crack Seriesandtrade; item, is intended to enable seeking designers to center around the subject of physical science from two stances: 1. To build up their bore, fitness, and disposition for the designing field and calling. 2. To reinforce their grip and comprehension of the ideas of the subjects of study and their pertinence at the grassroots level. Each book in this arrangement approaches the subject in an exceptionally applied and intelligible way. While its illustrative and tackled cases will encourage simple acing of the ideas and their applications, a variety of tackled issues will open the understudies to the assortment and nature of inquiries that they can hope to look in the examination. The scope and highlights of this arrangement of books make it exceptionally valuable for every one of those getting ready for JEE (Advanced) and seeking to end up engineers.

Highlights a wide range of issues asked in the examination:

Subjective Type

Single Correct Answer Type

Various Correct Answers Type

Statement Reasoning Type

Connected Comprehension Type

Coordinating Column Type

Whole number Type

Files (Up-to-date Previous Years' Questions)

Gives activities and issues their total arrangements.

Supplemented with Chapterwise/Topicwise Daily Practice Problems (DPP)

Incorporates access to free tests and specific theme construct recordings accessible with respect to application (Android/Windows)


Section 1: Dimensions and Measurement

Section 2: Basic Mathematics

Section 3: Vectors

Section 4: Kinematics I

Section 5: Kinematics II

Random Assignments and Archives on Chapters 4 and 5

Section 6: Newtonandrsquo;s Laws of Motion I

Section 7: Newtonandrsquo;s Laws of Motion II

Section 8: Work, Energy, and Power

Answers and Solutions

Supplement: Chapterwise Solved 2014 and 2015 JEE Advanced Questions

Chapterwise Solved 2016 JEE Advanced Questions

This book is extremely great. It clears your ideas exceptionally well and u begin taking care of issues better. I couldn't take care of relative movement issues well, however this book helped me a ton. Trust me, its great however there are heaps of issues. By and by, I simply prescribe doing Daily practice issues, representations advertisement idea application works out. They are extremely well.