Monday, 11 June 2018

Pragati Systems Genius Melamine Whiteboard


Pragati Systems Genius Melamine Whiteboard


A stage towards progress: Grow your business immediately with official style

composing/show sheets, flipchart stands, platform, show stands, easels

what's more, workmanship adornments. The Pragati Systems Non-attractive (Melamine) Whiteboard

is the most straightforward answer for those that are watchful for dry delete

marker sheets to be utilized at home. Then again, these sheets can't be

utilized for staying notes, outlines and so forth. with the help of

magnets. These sheets, in bigger sizes, are perfect for use in schools also

workplaces. The Prima arrangement sheets, as the name proposes, are prime in each

part of outline. Produced using thicker aluminum areas and corners, these

are fit for substantial application in any condition. The Genius arrangement sheets

comprise of lighter corners and more slender edge segments, consequently making the

sheets efficient and commendable for a direct application. Every one of our sheets are

intended to give phenomenal erasability, scratch-obstruction and

intelligibility. Corners are comprised of virgin ABS plastic for predominant wrap up

also, style, the casing is comprised of anodised composite aluminum for greatest

solidness and paper honeycomb boards are utilized for the center to ensure

extraordinary evenness and anticipate warpage. The Silver/White shading mix

makes the sheets appropriate to be utilized as a part of any condition. Along these lines, proceed and

encounter the boundless joy of composing on Pragati sheets.

• Super White' Writing Grade Hard Melamine Surface (Marker Sheet. Can't be

Utilized For Sticking Magnets.

• Satin-complete Alloy Aluminum Frame and Precision Engineered Paper

Honeycomb Core to Make the Board sans warp and 100% Flat

• Excellent Erasibility with No Ghost-marks, Maximum Readability with

Least Glare. High Scratch-protection from Ensure Longevity

• Board Size: 3×4 Feet (90×120 CM). Appropriate for Use at Home, Offices and

Schools. Functions admirably with Any Whiteboard Marker

• Package Contents: 1 Non-attractive Whiteboard and 4 Wall Hanging Clip Sets


The whiteboards are appropriate for workplaces, corporates, establishments and

individual utilize.

The bolted corners guarantee the edges are legitimately fixed.

The back surface acts like a spine and gives a solid support to

the board.

The sheets, the expulsions and the corners are altogether supported by an inflexible and

level honeycomb center.

The whiteboards are to a great degree lightweight and convenient.