Thursday, 12 July 2018

Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Cycle


Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Cycle

    Comes in 85% assambled state. Allen-Key & Spanner provided for DIY installation. Installation video present in the Image tab.
    Wheel Size - 24 inches. Frame Size - 17 inches.
    Ideal for cyclist with height between 4 Feet 8 inches to 5 Feet 6 inches
    Steel Frame, Front and Rear Suspension, Adjustable seat, PU Saddle
    MTB Pedals
    Front & Rear V-Brake
    Geared Cycle - Shinano 18 Speed Shifters (6x3)

Premiuim quality and durable product with Essential utility and partner of your favorite sports! Grab this sports accessory which helps in maintaining your good physique and good health. This important sports utility plays a vital role in every sportsperson s life with encouraged feelings. Moreover its perfect for both outdoor and indoor games.

ntA cycle is more than just the most commonly used vehicle; it is also fast being recognised as an environmentally viable option to polluting two-wheelers. Add the Hero Cycles Next 24T 18 Speed Sprint Bicycle to your collection of vehicles and pave the way for a greener world and a fitter you! Delivered to your doorstep by Snapdeal, this Hero cycle is an excellent alternative to your motorcycle for travelling short distances.
ntMaterial and Appearance
ntMade of high-quality steel, the Hero cycles Next 24T 18 Speed Sprint Bicycle has a 43.18-centimetre frame and broad wheels which are ideal for city riding as well as weekend cycling vacations. An upright handlebar and large padded saddle ensure a comfortable ride. This geared bicycle is suitable for any kind of terrain.
ntRace up that slope
ntThis sturdy mountain bicycle is not just a dependable companion on your adventures but also helps you navigate the flyovers which crisscross your city. Take the smoothest road to your destination without worrying about the effort of toiling up a slope. Shimano shifters and front and back Shimano derailleur make this 18-speed cycle a pleasure to ride!
ntDon't let the road ruin your ride
ntThe Hero Cycles Next 24T 18 Speed Sprint Bicycle is a full-suspension cycle which ensures that your ride is not ruined by bumpy terrain. The effective shock absorber reduces the strain of a bumpy road, making sure your back is protected from strain. Easy on the legs and ankles, this bicycle, along with your choice of cycle accessories, makes sure you are protected from injuries as you cycle your way to health!