Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Solimo 200-Watt 3-in-1 Hand Blender


Solimo 200-Watt 3-in-1 Hand Blender

Solid and strong blender with a 200 W great and proficient engine that can be utilized over a scope of cooking needs

Guarantee: multi year constrained guarantee against assembling abandons

2 speed control catch switches (Low and Turbo) that will make your kitchen tasks, for example, mixing, hacking, whisking snappy and simple

Solimo conveys to you the 200 Watt 3-in-1 hand blender which will make your cooking and heating knowledge simple and advantageous. This blender accompanies separable connections for mixing, slashing and whisking.

It accompanies a separable plastic shaft with sharp treated steel edges. The mixing edges, whisk and chopper sharp edges are produced using SS304 hardened steel which is nourishment sheltered and rust free.

It can be utilized as a part of an issue free way because of the 2 speed working modes (Low and Turbo) basic 2-catch usefulness. The smooth outline guarantees an agreeable grasp while you approach taking a shot at your most loved formulas.

The hand blender likewise accompanies a multi year guarantee in the event of any assembling deserts.

Solid and durable blender with a 200 W intense and proficient engine that can be utilized over a scope of cooking needs

Guarantee: multi year restricted guarantee against assembling absconds

2 speed control catch switches (Low and Turbo) that will make your kitchen tasks, for example, mixing, slashing, whisking snappy and simple

Sustenance sheltered, rust free tempered steel mixing cutting edges, whisk and chopper edges

Power: 200 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts

Simple to work, clean with separable and effortlessly launderable parts

Pack substance: 1 Hand blender, 1 Chopper Bowl with 500ml limit, 1 Chopping Attachment, 1 Blending Jar with 600ml limit, 1 Whisking Attachment, User Manual

Mix, Mix, and Puree with the Blender

Throw together tasty smoothies, lassis, buttermilk, chutneys, milkshakes, and purees in your kitchen with this Solimo 3-in-1 Hand Blender. Basically put the fixings into the 600ml mixing jug and utilize the drenching blender to work your enchantment. You can mix, puree, pulverize, and blend fixings effortlessly and take your kitchen experience to another level.

Cleave with the helpful electric chopper

You can separate the mixing shaft and after that utilization the sharp S-formed cleaving cutting edge and the 500ml slashing dish to change over this apparatus into an electric chopper. This chopper will assist you with chopping vegetables, for example, onions, carrots, celery, leeks and turnips; natural products, for example, apples, bananas and cut mangoes; herbs, for example, parsley; and even cut meat into littler pieces for making meat balls or cutlets.

Rush with the whisking connection

Put on your home culinary expert cap and get breaking on brilliant pastries and debauched heats with the whisking connection. It will be valuable for making cream and whipping egg whites to delicate pinnacles.

200 Watt Power Rating

This handheld kitchen machine has an intense engine with a power rating of 200 watts. This makes the machine proficient and viable at its activity of mixing and blending fixings whether you are making meringues, mayonnaise, infant sustenance, salsas, omelet blends or hitters for heating.

2 Speed task with 2 delicate touch catches

This blender has two speed modes - Low and Turbo controlled by 2 delicate touch catches. Contingent upon whether you need to whisk, hack or mix you can control the speed of activity. The turbo speed alternative gives you a chance to mix thick fixings without worrying about the consistency of the mix. It can likewise help slice harder to cleave things, for example, potatoes or meat into little blocks.

Stick Design Blender that accompanies holders

The stick outline of the Solimo hand blender guarantees that it can venture into various sorts of pots, containers and dishes. The blender likewise accompanies a 600ml mixing jug and a 500ml hacking dish. You can helpfully gauge correct amounts for preparing formulas which require exactness. The stick configuration likewise offers an agreeable grasp while you are working it.

Slash vegetables, natural products, herbs and meat

You can swap the mixing connection with the cleaving connection and spare manual exertion required for hacking.

This 3-in-1 blender accompanies a S-formed chopper edge and a slashing dish with 500ml limit.

Whisk connection for heating undertakings

The whisking connection is valuable to throw together meringues, mayonnaise or beat eggs for heavenly cake arrangements. The connection makes whisking snappy, simple, advantageous and diminishes the manual exertion required in the kitchen.

Sharp edges and Whisking Attachments produced using Stainless Steel

The blender and chopper connections highlight sharp S-formed hardened steel cutting edges. This guarantees the cutting is uniform and the mixing is intensive. The cutting edges, produced using SS304 tempered steel, are sustenance safe, and rust free. These edges convey a reliable and homogeneous ouput. These connections are likewise enduring and sturdy.

Simple to clean

This kitchen apparatus is anything but difficult to dismantle. The three unique connections - blender, chopper and hair are separable from the engine body. This makes it simple for you to clean the machine. Simply hold the connections under pursuing water utilize. Apply mellow dish washing cleanser and after that wash with water. Wipe with a dry fabric and you are prepared to go once more.