Saturday, 4 August 2018

Bey Bee Quick Dry Baby Bed Protector


Bey Bee Quick Dry Baby Bed Protector

"Bey Bee" Dry sheet is a pleasing surface tangle with an extra dry layer to neutralize bed wetting. In like manner, newborn child's skin breathe in better, acknowledges cottony sensitivity, and is kept soaked against rubbing. Give your kid the chance to acknowledge ceaseless rest for longer period.
"Bey Bee" dry sheets shield diverse liquids from going down and dry snappier as the surface layer propels the departure of water vapor. It empowers clamminess to experience, thusly offering comfort to the skin. It's sensitive, supple and water-verification, thusly making the tangle usable for babies and adult moreover.Quick Dry is a multilayer item ,the pillar of which is a water evidence, breathable layer attached to an extremely comfortable best surface. This layer keeps dilute or fluids from going, yet enables dampness to go through the whole texture, offering solace to the skin. The ''Quick Dry" sheet likewise dries quicker as the layer advances the expulsion of water vapor, an upset in bed defenders.


Dries speedier

Light weight

Tough and breathable

Diaper free evenings

No sentiment of warmth

Comfortable, Smooth and Silky inclination

UN-intruded on rest

Care and Warnings

Try not to open to coordinate daylight and warmth. Store in dry and cool place far from dampness and mugginess.

Simple Care : Machine/Hand Washable, Cozy, Smooth and Silky Feeling, Hold 8 Times its Weight of water

Temprature : The tangle is Hand/machine wash [cold/warm water (30°C-60°C) temperature]