Friday, 24 August 2018

Kleio Polka Dots Canvas Slingbag For Girls / Women


Kleio Polka Dots Canvas Slingbag For Girls/Women

Restrictive Combo........Kleio presents to you this Casual Overlap Designer Sling - a trailblazer that has a lovely mix of hues and prints.


Simple day to today use with this style will influence you to remain in the group. Put your moment things and trade out the pockets in a sorted out way. Request it today and look unmistakable among all...a part of me!! and Feminine;sleek and chic;this printed sling pack is a commendable purchase. Made utilizing canvas and contact of false leather;this fun loving sack is strong and very helpful. It has one single compartment that is sufficient for every one of your basics like money;cards and make-up tit bits.


 Best to travel/school/Office wherever you need to. Convey it with a couple of easygoing pants or a Lowy easygoing dress or a top...a part of me!!This medium-sized pack has one fundamental compartment with a drawstring conclusion that can hold your wallet, keys, cell phone other little embellishments. This trendy and alluring pack has a spotted outline and is made of canvas material that can keep going for quite a while. It additionally has a long flexible handle to convey the pack effectively.

Sort Sling Bag, Material-Canvas, Pu

Item Dimensions (Cm)- 25.4X7.6X30.4, Closure Type-Megnatic Button/Drawstring

Compartments-1, Pockets-1

Event Casual::College, Pattern-Polkadots

3 Months Warranty On Manufacturing Defects Only.