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Exam Warriors


Exam Warriors

Exam Warriors by Narendra Modi is a rousing book for the adolescent. Written in a fun and intelligent style, with delineations, exercises and yoga works out, this book will be a companion in acing exams as well as in confronting life.Non-long winded, handy and provocative, Exam Warriors is a convenient guide for understudies in India and over the world.

Shri Narendra Modi is a handbook that rundowns 25 mantras to help understudies to manage the worry of scoring great checks in exams. The book Exam Warriors was propelled in the midst of extraordinary exhibit at a capacity in Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra on third February 2018. It consolidates beautiful outlines, fun exercises and yoga activities to fight weight and uneasiness amid examinations. Written in an exceptionally creative and intelligent way the book not just encourages understudies to cruise through the examination bothers yet in addition in confronting difficulties of life. With the board examinations round the corner this book will be an awesome partner for the understudies in India and over the world to manage the anxieties and anxiety they look amid the examination season.
The book is most significant to the understudies undertaking fiery planning for pivotal class tenth and twelfth examinations. Exam Warriors has been distributed by the famous distributers Penguin India and is as of now accessible in the English dialect. This isn't the first run through Mr. Narendra Modi has composed a book, however a book to help understudy s manage exam weight and stresses is a first of its kind. The book covers a few astonishing Mantras, for example, Exams Are Like Festivals-Celebrate Them, Be a Warrior Not a Worrier, Knowledge is Permanent-Pursue It, The Present Is God s Greater Present-Live Here and Now thus numerous others! The book additionally covers themes, for example, Technology Is a Great Teacher-Embrace It, to make understudies mindful of the significance of innovation throughout everyday life. The book just expenses around Rs. 100 and can be acquired from Paytm Mall in only a couple of basic and simple advances.

About the Author

Dynamic, energetic and decided Narendra Modi speaks to an intriguing defining moment in the political history of India. As far back as he expected his office in May 2014 he has brought critical financial and social segment changes which thusly has quickened India s development and improvement on the worldwide stage.

The instruction part has remained the Prime Minister Narendra Modi s government significant zones of improvement. He is a motivational and uplifting pioneer to the billions of Indians particularly to the adolescent. His month to month radio program Mann Ki Baat is colossally mainstream among the majority. He has regularly connected with the understudies amid this program to enable them to handle exam stress and make examination period a breeze.

Exam Warriors is an arrangement of Prime Minister s deliver to understudies underlining on managing worry amid exams in his month to month radio program. Shri Narendra Modi enjoys colossal perusing and composing and is the most looked for pioneers on social stages.

A Note From The Author of Exam Warriors

India is the world s most energetic country, with 66% of our populace younger than thirty-five. Youthful Indians have separated themselves in an extensive variety of fields in India as well as abroad. It is the quality and abilities of these youths that will introduce a New India.

Cooperating with the adolescent is something I have dependably delighted in. That is the reason, in February 2015, I chose to give that month s Mann Ki Baat program to understudies showing up for their board examinations. In India, these exams are commonly held around late February and early March. Mann Ki Baat , I thought could be an awesome medium to talk straightforwardly to understudies who were showing up for the exams and bolster them amid this urgent period of their lives.

It was an analysis of sorts and the final product was extremely reassuring. The reaction to that specific Mann Ki Baat was overpowering. Prior to the program, a few understudies from all finished India shared their considerations through messages, letters and MyGov. Guardians and instructors composed complimentary messages to me for taking up an issue that merited consideration.

After the class X and XII outcomes were distributed later in the year, understudies sent in to state that the Mann Ki Baat had helped them monstrously in their arrangement, diminishing their pre-exam stretch. Indeed, a parent kept in touch with me saying, Modiji, one of my kids showed up for the Class XII exam and the other for Class X. They were hugely apprehensive yet your Mann Ki Baat affected them that even our words did not. Such letters extremely contacted me and along these lines it was chosen to by and by address exam understudies, their folks and educators in the relating month of 2016 and additionally 2017.

The experience of these three Mann Ki Baat scenes and the reaction got persuaded me that I ought to aggregate the different subjects talked about in them into a book.

This book is for all understudies who are showing up for examinations. They are the Exam Warriors - overcome youths participating in the celebration of exams. The book drives home the critical point that with regards to examinations, there is no compelling reason to stress too much or view it as an existence and-demise circumstance.

The book looks to add to the discussion and talk around the significance of calm examinations and the need to seek after information over imprints. It expects to be an impetus that will trigger talks whose extreme recipients will be our Exam Warriors. The more we discuss these issues, share our perspectives and encounters and gain from others, the more prominent will be the odds of guaranteeing that our kids have a fabulous time filled youth that they merit. It is our aggregate obligation to guarantee that their youth isn't dominated by the weight of exams and the consistent tension of What do I do straightaway?

In the soul of proceeding with discourse, this book contains exercises that are fun and provocative. On a few pages, understudies can even compose their own Mantras to spur individual Exam Warriors.

A progression of asanas and breathing activities are likewise incorporated into this book. Exam Warriors should make yoga a piece of their lives. From defeating worry to getting to be fitter, the upsides of honing yoga are complex.

Being a firm devotee to the intensity of innovation, I have incorporated this book with the Narendra Modi Mobile App. All things considered, it is tied in with sharing and developing Exam Warriors can share their exam ventures with others and find how others have left on theirs, through the application.

I have additionally expounded on the perspectives, for example, why one should dependably seek after one s energy, attempt to find oneself, and why youths must play, travel widely and commit some time in the administration of society. Littler yet similarly imperative regions of exam train and the importance of introduction have likewise been canvassed in the book.

No exam travel is finished without the help of guardians and instructors. I have kept in touch with them too, expressing gratitude toward them for the essential part they play and looking for their proceeded with help in empowering our Exam Warriors.

Various contributions from understudies, guardians and instructors before Mann Ki Baat and the numerous letters that poured in after the examination season were especially valuable while composing this book.I trust you appreciate perusing Exam Warriors as much as I delighted in composing it. Input and more thoughts in the inquiries brought up in this book are welcome.

Upbeat Reading!

All the best for the exams

Narendra Modi.

The most effective method to Use The Book - Exam Warriors

This book is a perfect work of art by our adored Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. You can appreciate perusing this book and in the meantime get enjoy with the Exam Warrior Community by means of Narendra Modi Mobile App.The book lay accentuation on doing and creating i.e., the book isn't just an awesome learning apparatus yet you can likewise execute the learnings through fun and inventive exercises gave after each Mantra in the book.The delight of sharing information and becoming together is vast! The exercises, learnings and perspectives can be effectively shared on the Exam Warrior Community with the other exam warriors.The Exam Warrior Community page gives you a chance to share your learnings and accomplishments and other stuff with companions, family and teachers.The book is composed in an informative style. Understudies will have a ton of learnings while experiencing this book. The book additionally contains My Mantra pages where Exam Warriors can scribble down their own Mantras that can be shared on the Narendra Modi Mobile App. Thusly, others will likewise have the capacity to peruse and utilize them in their life.You can regard this book as your very own journal! You can pen down your own considerations, share your perspectives, draft your own particular time table thus significantly more! Snatch your pencil or ball point pen and begin recording whatever you feel like!The book is a storage facility of data on different yogasanas and breathing activities which can be utilized in different parts of life and not only for exam preparations.This book gives a decent approach for kids and for guardians on the most proficient method to deal with exams and exam times. it inspires in the terms that for individuals who get discouraged about their outcomes or guardians who consider stamps excessively important, in the event that they can comprehend the points of interest clarified in the book.