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Nivea White and Soft Combo


Nivea White and Soft Combo

Keeping your body saturated in summer is imperative as well, pick a light body salve like Nivea brightening cool sensation body salve that will keep your body saturated without making it sticky, utilize a light lotion all over like Nivea delicate cream to keep your face saturated however not sleek.

 Purchase this combo pack for yourself or for gifting it to your cherished ones.Nivea brightening cool sensation body moisturizer contains camu removes that assistance repair skin from inside and decrease uneven skin tone.Enriched with jojoba oil and vitamin e, Nivea delicate is a quick retaining dampness cream that revives your skin, leaving an interesting scent and making smooth, delicate, supple and healthy.Use this combo as blessing set and demonstrate your friends and family the amount you care.Nivea brightening cool sensation body salve, 400ml or more Nivea delicate light moisturing cream, 100ml.

Indeed, even in summers, the skin needs moisturisation regularly to anticipate drying and damage.Its shockingly light, whipped surface smoothens on effortlessly and is rapidly absorbed.Natural, non-oily Jojoba oil advances milder and suppler skin.Enriched with Vitamin E, its profound hydrating equation gives you the most invigorating delicate consideration for face, hands and body.The Jojoba and Vitamin E fixings additionally give an exceedingly powerful freshness kick.It is reasonable for all skin composes, can be utilized by all in the family.

Brightening Sensitive Deodorant

The underarm skin ends up dim and sketchy because of waxing and shaving. Ordinary deos when connected on the underarms straightforwardly additionally disturb (consuming sensation) the skin. This doesn't give you the flexibility to go sleeveless amid summers.First ever NIVEA Whitening Senstive antiperspirant repairs your harmed underarm skin and makes it smooth and even tones.It has 0% liquor and Natural Mulethi separates. Presently you can apply the antiperspirant specifically on your underarms.Now get a smooth underarm skin naturally.It has licorice (mulethi) extricates that repair harmed skin because of waxing and shaving to give smooth, even conditioned underarms.It has 0% liquor which does not aggravate the sensitive underarm skin.It has mellow, reviving scent for dependable smell protection.NIVEA Female antiperspirants are the no. 1 female deo in the nation with regards to underarm healthy skin.

Additional Whitening Body Lotion with SPF 15

In summer skin has a tendency to get tanned effortlessly, abandoning you with uneven-conditioned skin which may not give you certainty amid summers to wear lighter and shorter clothing.Formulated with super natural product concentrates of camu and acerola cherry, this salve offers 50 times higher Vitamin C*, and repairs the long periods of bluntness and harm on skin.The equation with SPF 15 is free of Parabens, Mineral Oils, Colorants and Bleaching, demonstrated to shield the skin from sun successfully without leaving destructive residues.NIVEA Extra Whitening Lotions with SPF 15 helps repair: Accumulated dull harmed skin, dim spots, uneven skin tone, harsh skin, flaky skin, broke skin, irritated skin.Visible Results in about fourteen days

Add up to Face Cleanup

Your skin needs as much consideration as it can get, a parlor treatment gives the best shine, disposes of flaws. Yet, you can't visit a salon everyday.NIVEA Pure Effect Total Face Cleanup enhanced with Active Magnolia Extract gives you 5 benefits in 5 minutes for unadulterated and clear skin: Unclogs pores, Removes zits, Reduces spots, Refines skin, Deep scrubs.

Add up to Face Cleanup Regime in 5 Minutes:

Stage 1: Apply the item to soaked face by easily kneading in upward circles concentrating on temple, nose and button, keeping away from the eye zone.

Stage 2: Spread equitably crosswise over face and abandon it on for 3-4 minutes

Stage 3: Rinse off with tepid water to get the ideal composition

It can likewise be utilized separately as a Face wash each day, as a Scrub 3-4 times each week and as a Pack 2-3 times each week

Creme Soft Soap

Indeed, even in summers, a drying 'freshness' cleanser may leave your skin feeling like it has lost dampness. You needs a light yet minding soap.NIVEA creme cleanser tenderly rinses and it likewise contains rich almond oil which thinks about your skin.NIVEA Creme Soft is a Grade 1 cleanser with Total Fat Content as 78%. Review 1 is the most astounding evaluation of cleansers in India with the best saturating quality.Mild and delicate consideration for your skin.

Unadulterated Talc

At the point when temperatures rise, sweat can cause inconvenience. In extreme cases it can prompt rashes because of thorny warmth. You require extra protection.The idealize blend of mellow NIVEA care and dependable security. It's delicate aroma invigorates you and abandons you feeling revived and thought about. Throughout the day.